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Pressed Rose Real Estate

Our Real Estate Professionals

Through continued education, a community of trusted advisors and an incredible support staff, Pressed Rose Real Estate has the strongest and most talented team in the local area. Contact us to find out more.

Nicole Pastorino_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nicole Pastorino

Melissa Siewert Annoucement (1)_edited.jpg

Melissa Siewert

Tina Dykes Announcement_edited.jpg

Tina Dykes

Sophia Ford_edited.jpg

Sophia Ford


Bridgette Roberston

Kelli Henszey (1)_edited.jpg

Kelli Henszey


Jacqueline Butler

Copy of Tina Dykes Announcement_edited.jpg

Aaron LaDuke

Copy of Tina Dykes Announcement (1)_edited.jpg

Amanda Sharp

Contact Information

2826 Lewis Ave
Ida, MI 48140


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